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but it was fun 

i try it and i got bored i mean THE GAME IS BORING

Very cool game, it simultaneously reminds me of tibia and runescape, both games I really liked to play when I was younger. This game has a lot of potential. Good stuff!

can't login today :( whats wrong?

me too wat happen

the link don't work..

just go to directly

how do I play becauce every time I load it dosent work.


My video on this game.

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No sounds for melee attacks or casting spells are missing.

I sent 4 Dollars for your awesome game.

you should make it downloadable for Mac

The lady at the very beginning won't let me leave even though I put on pants.

just karens

The game is an absolute masterpiece! However there is a point id like to make:

Is there a specific system requirement for playing the game on mobile browser. For example on kindle fire browser the game keeps crashing — I'm required to reload the page every time, making it impossible to play. Maybe all the assets are too much to handle, and as this will be a recurring theme in mobile devices, maybe tweak the mobile version to lessen the load on processing? THANKS!


you should add a fast travel mechanic

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Love the game. I like the number of quests and less emphasis on character skill building (except via equipment). 

Some feedback:

Long range combact is really bad, after one shot, its almost impossible to land second shot unless the monster is right next to you. Its better to switch to sword. Please change the long range: Projectile to hit any monster that crosses its path. Currently if the projectile reaches the targetted tile and the monster is on it, only then it registers a hit.


Hmm, the cursor shouldn't make the character face in that direction all the time, it is a little troublesome when I am fighting mobs.

But overall, it is a good game.


I see the potential of this game. Have you considered finding a Chinese translator?


I downloaded it but i don't know how to run it.


Wow! This game will be a great MMO for sure! It's already pretty complete and has a nice story behind it! keep up the good work! 

Have you considered participating in our GDWC #gamedev contest? 

Check out our page for more info :) 


help me fix this error please!

"Could not initialize WebGl renderer:Type error:Cannot read property "Get Extension" of null"

These are the beginnings of a great MMO.


thank you ^^


I need a password to play the downloaded version.

what is it. I cant unzip it.


It would be very cool if it played on mobile platforms too


I can't seem to be able to move any items from my inventory, whether it is to equip it in my hotbar or sell it.  Whenever i try to drag the items, it instead gives me an image of the item, similar to what you get by dragging pictures from the internet, and it's telling me I can't drop it. Am i doing something wrong? you can't see it, but my cursor is a black ring with a line through it


Hello, thank you for your message. You're right if you play over and chrome this bug happens. Try to play over We will fix the bug as soon as possible.

plzzzzzzz hurry with the bug fix soon on this issue as im hooked on this game but it saddens me i cant make as much gold as other players and im hooked to this game

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Can’t sell any goods. Getting same bug when dragging items for selling. Using chrome and url

Trying to use safari but connecting popup at login screen never finishes 


Using Firefox makes no difference 

How is it possible that anyone could sell things playing that game using browser?



A great friend of mine and I did a video over this game and we plan to do a series over it. Even though its in pre-alpha there's so much to this game A massive open world, plenty of quests and lots to explore. I hope you are continuing to develop this because it has tons of potential. If you wanna check out our first episode its linked right here


hey I think I found a bugged tree in the lower left corner of the bandit camp


(attempting to play this on the web)  i may be 25yrs better, but the text here is so small that i can not read any of it without a magnifying glass held against the 25" screen. 

please try fullscreen mode by pressing F11


I have some problem, the text is small and too close each other. I think it because the font outline/stroke and some using inner shadow instead of outer shadow, which made my eyes become somewhat blurly. How about changing it? I know a colorfull game is good, but our health is more important.


The graphics are all messed up on a chrome book, other than that it is a great game. :)

There will soon be an update for mobile devices. That should fix the graphics


I didn't think there was much quest variety.

One of the earlier quests I did was to bring a fish from this dude to his wife. I was SO expecting that he hadn't caught the fish, and you had to do it for him. And it would have been the perfect spot to add some variety to your quests.

Quests are a really good way to introduce players to your mechanics too (i.e the "jobs" you already have in the game).


Thanks for publishing a downloadable version of the game!
If you develop it further, i'd love to have an option to zoom out a bit to see more of my surroundings - just as I do when I play in an browser


could there be in future updates be a way to store items from you inventory to like a secure location like a chest or something please


Would like to play without registering.  No guest user functionality?


Hello! When I try to enter the game only a black screen appears with the chat, my stats, map and among others, but the scenario and the rest not, sorry English I am using the translator (it is easier) thanks for the attention

soooooooooooooooooo, your french ?

Nope, Brazilian


this game takes years to load


Just played this game and like almost all of it.

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This is gonna make a great series... keep it up dev's, can't wait to see the finished product!!


Is there a way to expand backpacks currently?



Very good! You should make a downloadable version


I like it but I can't for the life of me figure out what to do with these books. 


The books are required for professions. You can learn them in the profession window. You can find the profession window either in the top left of the inventory or by pressing "K". Drag and drop the book in one of the free education slots or click on one of the slots and select the book in the menu which pops up. 

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