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aheard my friend papyrus plays the game. but he stopped because sans would join him and make puns about birds, i think they are PECK-uliar! hahahahahahahaha get it?


Do you guys have any plane of making the game playable on mobile too? I think it would be really better to play the game on my phone.

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Could we get a dedicated downloadable thinclient? Even if it is just a barebones HTML5 wrapper then that's ok but just something please.  That way, you can put it up on Steam and make some real money and publicity :)

Also consider getting in touch with Radical Fish Games (of CrossCode fame) at and ask them about HTML5 optimization; sure they would love to provide a few pointers ;)

Bonus points if you can sneak in a CC reference into your game (and a reference to your game somewhere in CC itself).


If you use the app you can download the game and run it like a desktop game. We don't like to recommend people to go put their game somewhere else :)

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Good job great game!

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I love this multiplayer game, all graphical elements are pretty. But I think the player animation can being better. Good job and Keeit u


really cool game


Nice, was it made with WebSockets?


Nice little game, the UI is a bit clunky. I'd like controller support and maybe some sounds in the combat.


I just wanted to tell you I love this game.  It's fun and casual.  I've been playing for almost a week now.  Keep up the good work.

I agree with the others here, after playing it for a while it def needs a way to make the character faster. I would however introduce that mechanic through a quest in the first village instead of just adding it in. Maybe as a shoe item like seven league shoes or smth.


I do very much like the rest of the game till now tho and can't wait for new features

Thanks and see you in ^^


Dev have a patreon? 

If you want to support us then you are welcome to do so through the ingame shop. This supports us the most, since your donation comes directly and without detours to us. And in addition you also get something for your money.


I agree that it should be some button that makes the character go faster or run. Because everything is going in such a slow process that it takes time, that frustrates me a little bit, not much. But there should be something that makes the character go faster. Like pressing "shift".


Heyo! So, I played some of the game, and I think it has real potential! But the two things that kinda bug me a bit are that the text is kinda bulky and difficult to read, and that there isn't an option to run or make the character go faster. Other than those two points, I think it's really good!

Thanks for your feedback. We are planning mounts and other mechanics that will allow players to move faster in the future.

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