STEIN - Class rework and duels (v0.3.18)

STEIN - Class Rework and Duels (v0.3.18)

We reworked the existing classes and added Hunter, Warlock and Shaman as new classes. This allows us to introduce PvP to which you can already get a first taste of, by challenging other players to a duel!


  • Class Rework
    • Added over 3000 new items.
    • Old Equipment got scaled so it matches the new items.
    • Old Equipment received a description, marking it as "Legacy of Waldenbach".
    • Replaced all old profession recipes with new ones for the new items.
    • 390 new profession skills which complete the replaced recipes with missing equipment items.
    • Replaced all items in NPC shops with new versions of those items.
    • Reworked Warrior, Fighter, Mage and Priest class.
    • Added Hunter, Warlock and Shaman class.
    • There are now more uncommon random drops for enemies.
    • There are now rare rare random drops for enemies above level 10.
    • The new profession skills can be obtained through random book drops from enemies.
    • Every class received weapons for an auto attack and 5 additional attacks, which share their cooldown with similar ones.
    • All equipment items now give affinity independent of their quality.
    • All enemies did get adjusted to the new items strengths.
    • Warrior (reworked):
      • Execute: A heavy strike which deals a lot of damage and generates a lot of threat through this.
      • Roar: A heavy strike which deals damage and also has a chance of granting you additional Armor.
      • Distract: Similar to Execute, but with higher damage, threat and cooldown.
      • Warstrike: A ranged damage over time effect, which also slows down enemy movement. Good for engaging or catching up to enemies.
      • Impale: A high threat ability which forces the enemy to attack you.
    • Fighter (reworked):
      • Cleaving Strike: A heavy attack which deals a lot of base damage
      • Reckless Slam: A heavy strike which deals half its damage directly and the other half through a bleed effect on your enemies.
      • Breaker: Deals damage in 4 fast strikes, where the fourth hit deals double damage to enemies which are affected by your bleed.
      • Tear: A heavy strike which deals damage and also locks your enemy in place, so he can not run away.
      • Shiver: A ranged attack, which lets you charge to your target position and deal damage on impact.
    • Mage (reworked):
      • Fireball: A heavy attack which deals a lot of damage.
      • Flamestrike: Another heavy attack which has a chance to reset the cooldown of your fireball.
      • Fire Bomb: Another heavy attack which gives you bonus damage to your other attack on the hit enemy.
      • Sunfire: A damage over time effect which reduces your enemies movement speed.
      • Flame Rush: Teleports you to the target position and deals damage on impact.
    • Priest (reworked):
      • Restoration: A mana efficient high heal to keep your allies alive.
      • Blessing: A powerful heal which which allows you to heal up allies in a bigger area.
      • Life Burst: A powerful heal over time to regenerate your allies life over a period of time.
      • Holy Barrage: Create a being, which heals your allies in his vicinity over a longer period of time.
      • Eviction: Gives a shield to your hit allies which guard them from damage until the shield is depleted or the buff runs out.
    • Hunter (new ranged class):
      • Powerful Shot: A high damage attack which gives your targets a Hunter's Mark.
      • Toxic Shot: Damages enemies with poison over a longer time and also gives your targets a Hunter's Mark.
      • Multi-Shot: Shoots multiple arrows in fast succession and deals bonus damage for each of your Hunter's Marks on the enemy.
      • Arrow Hail: Traps hit enemies in a net and deals damage in the hit area over some time.
      • Ambush: Makes yourself invisible to nearby enemies and gives you bonus damage on your next attack.
    • Warlock (new):
      • Auto Attack: Gives you one stack of corruption for each executed attack.
      • Void Hex: A powerful damage over time effect which gives you 2 corruption and also inflicts some damage to yourself.
      • Life Burn: Channels a damage over time effect on your enemies and gives you up to 3 corruption and also inflicts some damage to yourself.
      • Sacrifice (Heal): Consumes all your corruption to heal yourself.
      • Sacrifice (Damage): Consumes all your corruption to damage your enemies in a large area.
      • Vision of Darkness: Gives yourself bonus damage and converts some of your life to mana.
    • Shaman (new):
      • Frost Bolt: A heavy strike which deals damage infront of you.
      • Waterfall: A heavy mid range attack which deals damage in a wave away and back to you, which causes double damage to enemies infront of you.
      • Frost Totem: Places a totem on the ground which deals damage over time in a big area.
      • Ice Totem: Places a totem on the ground which deals damage over time and slows enemy movement in its area.
      • Tide: Gives yourself a shield, which throws back the blocked damage to your attacker.
  • Easter Event
    • During the month of April, we now have a Easter Event.
    • In each bigger town, there are now new NPCs which give you Easter quests.
    • With the rewards from the Easter quests, you can buy some collectibles and consumables to celebrate Easter.
    • There are occasional Evil Lapi Caves, on a random server, which give extra resources to buy more rewards. They work similar to the guildwars spawners.
    • Make sure to spent all your Easter resources before end of April, as they will vanish from your inventory on the start of Mai.
  • Duels
    • You can challenge another player to a duel through interacting with him.
    • The other player needs to accept your request.
    • After the player accepts the duel starts after a short countdown.
    • The duel is won, when your opponent dies or when he leaves the duel area.
    • When you lose the duel through dying to your opponent, you stay at one health.
    • You can not be challenged to a duel by a blocked player.
  • Shop additions
    • There are now Easter items in the shop during the month of April.
    • Some of the items which are available through the daily login rewards and crate of surprise are now also available in the shop to buy in bulk.
  • Base life and mana regeneration is reduced.
  • You can now buy food and drink items to regenerate your life and mana faster, while out of combat.
  • In Combat you only receive life and mana regeneration from items.
  • Physical Damage Reduction now also reduces the critical hit chance an enemy attack has on you.
  • Armor is applied for all PvP Damage.
  • Enemies no longer prefer up and down movements, when moving towards you.
  • Waldenbach Missions now reset at 00:00 GMT and no longer after 24 hours.
  • Quest rewards can now be used independent of their level requirement.
  • "Activating" an item you can equip, now opens your inventory.
  • Getting stunned or silenced now cancels your ongoing cast or channel.
  • Membership Program Quest is now available from level 1 instead of level 2.
  • The Sword for the "Magical Blob" quest now has 100% drop chance.
  • Multiple Client optimizations.


  • Interaction options in NPC dialogs are now Buttons.
  • Quest log overlay is now turned on by default.
  • Most quests now let you choose your item reward and no longer give one fixed item.
  • Item activation is blocked while channel or cast is active to prevent accidental override of current cast/channel.
  • Completed quests are now on top of interaction dialogs with NPCs.
  • Amount of affinity a weapon requires and a equipment item gives, are now visible on the items in the inventory.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where overheal was tracked for healing received statistic
  • Fixed a bug which could cause enemies trying to attack players which are in a different place.
  • Fixed a bug where you received profession experience messages while already maxed.
  • Fixed a bug where a blocked player could invite you to his guild.
  • Fixed a bug where chat messages did not have the correct height.

Even with all the work we put into the rework in our spare time, some things are still missing. So there are currently no quests for the epic weapons of the new classes and it could also be the case that some items are not available where you would expect replacements. If you stumble across such cases, please let us know in discord!

Finally we want to thank Smiter, who helped us out a lot with artwork for the item rework and is also thanked for most of the Easter items!

We all hope you have a lot of fun with the new items and reworked class mechanics. More content is sure to come!

Hotfix v0.3.18a

  • Added Livi Book Traders for new Classes (no hunter because I am too stupid)
  • Added missing epic items to CC loot tables
  • Fixed Book drops for Serezith Brakrud

Hotfix v0.3.18b

  • Added missing threat to Urei.
  • Fixed Fireball reset on Flamestrike.
  • Fixed the resource costs for profession skills.
  • Fixed the missing name on one of the profession skills.
  • Added affinity explanation to "Talk to Sirbumri Cavefeet" which gives you your first affinity sword.
  • Increased respawn time for lapi cave enemies.
  • Added "Green Lapi Paint" to drops from "Evil Lapi Chicken" and "Evil Lapi Archer".
  • Added basic mage gear to traders for better leveling experience after weapon nerf for v0.3.18.
  • Fixed properties on blue shaman legs. They had switched crit chance and water damage. Existing drops will stay as they are.
  • Added missing quests for hunter, warlock and shaman epic weapons.

Hotfix v0.3.18c


  • You can now move and interact by right clicking.
  • Mobile now has a interact and fight mode.
    • In Interact mode you can now move and interact with NPCs and object by taping on the screen.
    • In Fight mode you select a target by taping on the screen and activate the items by taping on them in the quick bar.
    • While in Fight mode you have a arrow buttons to move your character.
    • If you want to switch back or prefer to tap to attack and/or swipe to move, you can change the controls back in the Interface options.
  • We increased performance for some visuals.
  • You now receive your login reward in mail, when you claim it and your inventory is full.


  • New sounds for starting and finish quests.
  • New sound effect for completing a dungeon.
  • New sound effect for defeating a boss.
  • Completing a quest now shows a banner, which quest you completed.
  • Items you receive as quest rewards now pop up on your screen and there is an animation which shows them going to your inventory.
  • Experience bar now has a animation if you receive XP.
  • Enemies and critters now have sounds when they die.
  • Collectibles now have sounds when they get picked up or get destroyed.
  • Cooldown is now displayed as a circular animation. This should improve visibility of completed Cooldowns.
  • There is now an animation for picked up items, that visualize them going to your inventory.
  • Changed the default font size in chat to be bigger and more readable.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where you could run into invisible walls in certain circumstances.
  • Fixed a bug where you could not see the guild chat after reloading.
  • Fixed a bug where you could get invincible through 'Flame Rush'.
  • Level 10 and level 20 epic items are now correctly bind on pickup.
  • Fixed a bug where a totem visual could not be loaded.
  • Fixed a bug where totems could not miss.
  • Fixed a bug where your player did not change its orientation when targeting diagonal.
  • Fixed a bug where you could not click/target some of the areas you could see on your screen.
  • Fixed a bug where some of the buyable items from traders did not have a minimum level.

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Jun 01, 2022


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