STEIN - Server improvements Part 2 (v0.3.6)



- Added parts of the server rework for the multi region support in the future.
- Catarina Scarletwound now counts as a boss.


- Quests are now tagged with their difficulty:
  - None: Regular quest.
  - Epic: Hard quest. You may need additional players for this one.
  - Dungeon: The quest objective is inside a dungeon.
  - Raid: This quest recommends more than 5 players to complete the objective.
- Disabled autocomplete on chat input.

Bug Fixes:

- Fixed a bug where Stripe payments could not be completed.
- Fixed a bug where the client did not get updated automatically.
- Fixed a bug where items in the code reward window were not translated.
- Fixed a bug where highest damage and heal wasn't tracked correctly.
- Fixed a bug where players did not get auto logged in after registration.
- Fixed a bug where login was shown when game is in maintenance mode.


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