STEIN - MOOOAAAR Servers (v0.3.7)



- Servers for US and Asia.
  - Characters/Accounts can be used on all servers and share progress.
  - Players can select prefered server on login and registration.
  - Players can change server after logging out.
  - Fastest responding server is auto selected on first login/registration.
  - Last server/region gets selected for autologin.
  - Whisper to other players works cross server.
  - Friendlist shows the server your friend is online on.
- Feedback Form.
  - Allows general Feedback.
  - Allows Reporting Player.
  - Allows Reporting Bugs.
  - Report button in bottom right now opens Feedback Form on Report Bug.
  - Clicking on player name in chat allows fast reporting of this player/message.
- Players now respawn at the last graveyard upon dying in a zone which is to high for them.
- General improvements of non player facing parts of the game service.


- Professions now get loaded dynamical and don't show instantanious.
- Interaction/Dialog window now has a maximum display size and lets you scroll through bigger content.
- Chat now supports '/roll' command to post a random number for yourself or in party.
- Chat now supports '/logout' command to logout of the game.

Bug Fixes:

- Fixed a bug where enemies had incorrect player information which leads to none ending boss fights.
- Fixed a bug where canceled quests could not be started again.
- Fixed a bug where the server could not detect dead connections.
- Fixed a bug where the map got not centered on player while zooming.
- Fixed a bug where '/invite' command was case sensitive.


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