Patchnotes: Optimization Update - Week 13.18



- Added Level Ranking
- Added Reconnect Button after "connection closed"
- Added Shop for "Dinko Matenda"
- Added visualization for Snare-Debuff
- Added new payment method "PayPal"


- Added new UI Font
- Added Buff/Debuff borders for better visibility
- Added Main Locations to World Map
- Items in shops are now sorted by item types
- DMG-Types are now displayed in the tooltips of Weapons (e.g. Nemesis)
- Added new screenshots
- Added Help section to the Player Hub
- Added possibility to close windows with "ESC"
- Many small improvements to the UI

Bug Fixes:

- Dungeon Ranking is now sorted correctly
- Item Properties are now sorted correctly
- "Delusion" Tooltip ist now displayed correctly
- Fixed a bug where you received to many Gems from the Store
- Fixed some UI issues


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