Patchnotes: Friend List Update (v0.1.2)



- Added Friend List in Player Hub
- Added Ranking for Blocks Traveled
- Added Ranking for Damage Done
- Added Ranking for Damage Received
- Added Ranking for Healing Done
- Added Ranking for Healing Received
- Added Ranking for Enemies Killed
- Added Ranking for Highest Damage
- Added Ranking for Highest Heal
- QuestItems now drop for every player which dealt damage to the Enemy


- Added version numbers in Login Screen, Player Hub and Options
- Dropped items from enemies reappear after page reload
- Wave Dungeon Reward Screen reappears after page reload
- You can click on names in chat to do basic actions like invite to party or add as friend
- Added chat commands "/z" and "/zone" to switch to Zone chat
- Added chat commands "/p" and "/party" to switch to Party chat
- Added some visual instructions to the starting quests

Bug Fixes:

- Optimized performance which should reduce lags in Wave Dungeon
- Level ranking now shows correct max page
- Long words in chat now break
- Inventory now closes again after pressing the configured button to toggle it
- Clicking on the item amount in the quickbar now also switches to the item
- While in a group you no longer receive other items as are displayed in the wave dungeon reward screen.
- Fixed a bug through which you could die while the wave in the wave dungeon has already ended.

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Mar 22, 2018


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