STEIN - Welcome to Geledur (v0.2.0)



- New Zone: Rocky Passage
  - over 100 new quests
  - over 350 new items
  - 10 new enemy types
- Reworked Worldmap:
  - You can now zoom in/out
  - Shows name of the area your cursor is over
  - Shows points of interests like villages, caves and dungeons
  - Shows (last known) overworld position of yourself and the members of your group
- Wave Dungeon: Abandoned Cemetery
- Dungeon: Mullong Garrison
- New Max Level: 20
- Timed Ranking for Dungeon Completion
- Display in which area you are
- Starter Pack and Adventurer Bundle in Shop
- Experience now gets distributed evenly between group members which participated in the fight
- Uncommon or better drops now prompt a Need before Greed window for all group members which participated in the fight
- New item properties for threat generation towards enemies (tank items)
- Enemies in wave dungeons now have a spawn animation
- Heal now generates threat
- added: animated waterfall


- Cookie disclaimer
- Autoregeneration is no longer displayed as scrolling combat text
- changed "reset password" window
- added sound options

Bug Fixes:

- Random Values of Items now have correct steps so that they add up correctly
- The length of the buffs/debuffs is now calculated correctly
- You no longer can change gear while in combat
- Players no longer teleport when they switch weapon
- fixed position for "reset password" button


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