STEIN - Hard Work (v0.2.3)



- Added over 350 new Items
- Added new Bonuses for Full Accounts
- Every Player now starts with 20 Backpack Slots
- Added 10 Backpack Slots for old accounts
- Added collectible Items to the World for professions
- Added 3 gather professions
- Added 5 crafting professions
- Added 4 new Armor-T-Sets
- Added new Traders for Professions
- Items can now be soulbound on use or pickup


- Added new Map-Markers for Professions
- New Window for Professions
- Added new Button for Professions
- Moved Stats-Button to the Inventory
- Added possibility to sell/buy item stacks
- Added profession Ranking

Bug Fixes:

- Fixed trader item sorting
- Sending a message in the chat removes the focus from the chat
- performance tweaks
- Group lootrange in overworld is now doubled


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