STEIN - Sharing is Caring (v0.2.4)



- Added Trading between players.
  - You can open interaction options with players by pressing "E" (Interact Keybinding).
  - Player Interaction contain option to Trade with player.
  - Trade with Player opens Player Trading Window.
  - Trade with Player is canceled by movement, receiving damage, activating items and the cancel button in the Window.
  - You can select an amount of gold to trade with.
  - You can drag and drop items into the trade window to offer them.
  - Both players have to accept the trade to execute it.
  - Accept state is reset when someone changes the traded content.
- Added the lower tier gather items as resource to the gather item recipes.
- Added keybinding option for profession window hotkey.
- Chat Command "/help" is now available to display all available Commands.
- Chat Command "/played" is now available to display your total time in the game.


- Amount selection now gets focus when its opened.
- New User Interface (Facelift)

Bug Fixes:

- removed not available Alchemy from Rankings and Profession Window.
- Oscar Bretscher no longer drops profession items.
- Fixed spelling of "Gobal" to "Global" in options window.
- Amount selection now gets closed correctly when "Close All" button is.
- You no longer trigger other actions while writing in the amount selection input.


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