STEIN - Waldenbach Shire (v0.3.0)



- Level cap increased to level 30
- Profession level cap increased to level 30
- New Zone: Waldenbach Shire
  - 170 new quests
  - 400 new items
  - 70 new recipes for professions
- Pointsystem for new Armor and Weapons:
  - Weapons now need "Points" to get activated.
  - Armor can have "Points" which are required for those weapons.
  - Example: Weapon need two "Holy Points" to be able to be used -> You have to equip Armor so that you have at least two of those Points equipped.
- Base Critical Chance reduced from 1% to 0%.
- Cooldown on items got converted from percentage to a rating system.
- Critical chance on items got converted from percentage to a rating system.
- Critical damage on items got converted from percentage to a rating system.
- Weapons now have a hit chance which gets lower if your character level is above the required item level (5% per level)
- You can buy themed decoration crates, which give you one random decoration you can place in the world for a few minutes.
- Enemies and Questgivers now have a idle animation.


- Level Requirement is now always displayed for Tools and Consumables.
- Target Marker updates now without mouse movement.
- Cooldown is now displayed correctly in Tooltip so its always at least the casttime.
- Cooldown is now visible in the Inventory.
- Casttime is now visible on all items in the quickbar if you activate a item.
- Gathered entities in the world now have a despawn animation.
- Questgivers now display a gray exclamation mark over there head if they have a quest for which you are to low or you have not finished jet. You can Also see those quests in the Dialog with the Questgiver now.
- Use item is now assignable to a keyboard key in the options (Default: no assignment).
- Quest rewards are now displayed before you explicitly finish a quest.
- Buy all option was removed.
- Trashing a item now needs you to confirm that you really want to trash it.
- Buffs for player and target now show remaining time and are sorted accordingly.

Bug Fixes:

- Crafted Shoulders of Bloodlust now need 3 Forslurite instead of 3 Torn Leather.


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