STEIN - Bitterburg Keep (v0.3.2)



- New Dungeon: Bitterburg Ruins (5 Players)
- New Dungeon: Bitterburg Keep (5 Players)
- over 70 new items
- 10 new quests
- New ground sprites for overworld
- Enrage for bosses


- Added Twitch Link in Player-Hub..

Bug Fixes:

- Players should now leave a dungeon correctly, while they were dead on leave.
- Removing items from player trade now resets the lock for both players.
- Player trade now closes on player despawn.
- "Critter" is now "Chicken". :(
- Scrolling on map for zoom no longer scrolls embeding page.
- Amount selection now closes when you close the shop.
- Trash item dialog closes when you close the inventory.
- Reconnect no longer duplicates entries in friendlist and gem shop.
- Bank now closes when you press the close all button.


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