STEIN - The Great Weapons (v0.3.3)



- New quests for level 30 epic weapons for each class.
- You can now pass in the need or greed window.
  - Pass has the lowest priority (Need > Greed > Pass).
  - Passed items are also assigned by random.
  - Passed items drop on the ground and don't go in the inventory like Need or Greed.
- Item pickup range for dropped items is now limited to 30 blocks.
- Item which could not be picked up redrop at the same location.
- Despawn time for dropped items increased to 3 minutes (from 1 minute).
- Reduced the amount of education slots for free players to one.


- Chat is now divided into Tabs.
- Chat Tabs can be configured in options.
- Optional Timestamps for chat messages.
- Cleaned up Tooltip for items.
- Zoom Buttons for Minimap (+/-).
- Damage and Heal are now colored depending on source and if they are critical hits.
- Critical hits are now highlighted visually through an text animation.
- Player Hub is now hidden on first login/registration.

Bug Fixes:

- Inventory Bug where drag and drop didn't work on some third party pages ( is fixed through chrome update (please update this browser if it is still not working).
- Added missing Zone for Bitterburg Keep entrance room.
- Item amounts for quests now update correctly for traded and banked items.


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